Campus Life exists to serve students in schools across the entire Tuscaloosa County area. Look below to find a place to plug in!

High School Club:

Tuscaloosa County High – Tuesday mornings in the Community Room at 7:30

Middle School Clubs:

  • Here are the middle schools where we have active weekly clubs.
  • Duncanville Middle School – Wednesday mornings in the Commons at 7:30
  • Hillcrest Middle School – Tuesday mornings in the choir room at 7:30
  • Echols Middle School – Thursday mornings in the upper gym at 7:30
  • Northridge Middle School – Friday mornings in the library at 7:30
  • Eastwood Middle – Thursday afternoons at 2:45

If you are a student at a middle school not listed stay on the lookout for a wide variety of after school and evening programs that are coming. Check back on this site and be sure to follow us on Instagram @ttowncampuslife_ms.

For more info on our work in middle schools or to get connected with one of our teams, email