What is Campus Life?

Well, first of all Campus Life needs to be experienced. It can’t be fully put into words. We encourage you to check out a club and see for yourself. Here are what a few students have to say about Campus Life.

“It’s the best part of my week. I am amazed with the diversity of kids who show up for Campus Life. And yet it works.” – Tony J

“What I love is you don’t have to believe a certain way to feel at home at Campus Life. Everyone is welcome.” – Alicia L

“It’s just fun. I can’t imagine high school without club on Tuesday nights.” – Nathan M

“The other night we broke into teams to see which team could eat the most doughnuts in two minutes. It was hilarious.” – Megan O.

“I had never really considered making God a part of my life. And I’m still not sure about a lot of this. But the leaders have given me the freedom to ask questions and just hang out.” – Vince A

What Does Campus Life Do?

Weekly club is a mainstay for Campus Life. Be on the lookout around your campus for the latest club schedule. But we go far beyond just that! From trips and camps to events and hangouts Campus Life is a place to be seen and be heard. We invite you to jump in.

Give Life To Your Story

Campus Life is a program of Youth for Christ – for more info, go to tuscaloosayfc.com